Project Description

The Flag State Inspection Program was created with the goal of assisting ship owners and operators with the safe operation of their vessels and to reduce the number of deficiencies and detentions received during Port State Control inspections. The program incorporates multiple inspection types that are necessary to prevent, identify, and rectify any issues related to safety, security and environmental protection.

The program is not intended to replace surveys for the issuance of class and statutory certificates. Such activities will continue to be performed by duly recognized organizations. Each inspection has a different purpose, but the final goal is to assist the ship owner/operator in complying with the application of international standards prescribed by a host of treaties and conventions such as Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the Marine Pollution Convention (MARPOL) as well as national regulations. The main goals of the program are to assist owners and operators to conduct their vessels safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a continued effort to reach our goal of zero deficiencies and detentions, Dominica has also developed the Detention Prevention Program. This program entails daily monitoring of our vessels’ performance and identifying vessels that are having difficulty complying with mandatory instruments. These vessels are placed in the Detention Prevention Program and additional support is provided to the owner and operator.